What you need to know for MEH-TAVERSE launch and a peek at its future

  • 35 MEHs are reserved by Patrick for the team and marketing purposes
  • Up to 230 MEHs are reserved for partners
  • OG100 Whitelist for 100 wallets, allowing a max of 3 MEHs
  • 222 Whitelist for 222 wallets, allowing a max of 2 MEHs
  • 25% sold: List on Rarity.tools
  • 50% sold: Physical MEH toy drop hand-signed by Patrick for SuperMEH holders
  • 75% sold: Free mint of new AR-enabled hyperrealism art by Patrick for MEH holders
  • 100% sold: Free mint of animated art by Patrick for MEH holders
Examples from 3D MEH NFT collection
  • [NEW] Free mint for Patrick’s next 3D MEH NFT collection for Minters
  • [NEW] In collaboration with fellow faith-based DC and Marvel comic artist, Andi Tong, MEH holders will get early exclusive mint and 50% discount to Andie’s genesis NFT collection
  • Early mint of Patrick’s upcoming “Wander” collection for MEH holders
  • Free mint of Patrick’s Christmas collection for MEH holders
  • Early/mint and privileges for Patrick’s future collections and projects.



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Patrick Bezalel

Patrick Bezalel


Full-time artist creating artworks inspired by my faith in Yeshua. Digital Hyperrealism. Resin/Mixed Media. VR. NFT. Creating immersive art experiences.